Ebook: How to Measure Sedentary Behaviour and Physical Activity?

There are several things to consider when planning sedentary behaviour and physical activity measurements and data analysis. This e-book provides the latest knowledge on the theme and makes the process easier by providing a compehensive overview on the theme. 


“We wanted to write this e-book to help researchers make informed decisions related to their activity tracking choices in their project. I have been many times doing data collection and analysis decisions in my own projects and I am glad to share insights I have learned along the way. I hope this e-book can help many researchers avoid common mistakes in their projects."

PhD Arto Pesola

Director, Active Life Lab at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences & Founder Fibion Inc.

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What’s Inside ?

The aim of this ebook is to provide knowledge and considerations that will help researchers make an informed choice when selecting a suitable type of activity tracker or accelerometer for a specific research project.

30 pages of knowledge and insights

Basics of sedentary behaviour and physical activity 

Essential features of accelerometers

Pros & Cons of different wearing locations

Considerations when purchasing devices

Full references and suggestions for further reading

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30 pages of knowledge and insights related to how different parameters of sedentary behaviour and physical activity can be measured and analysed with accelerometers. 

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